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Building community since 1960

For nearly 60 years, Guild has partnered with builders and worked toward a common goal—to make homebuyers happy. Today, we’re doing more than $1 billion in builder business and we’re a leading lender in Fannie Mae affordable housing.

We got our start as an exclusive lender for American Housing Guild and we’re proud of our builder roots. No other mortgage lender has our stability, experience and uncompromising focus on customer service.

Started by one, built by many

We’re an entrepreneurial company that has steadily grown to be one of nation’s leading independent ‭mortgage providers. Today, we’re a coast-to-coast lender partnering with builders in over 30 states. We got here by focusing on our strengths–fast approvals and quick closings–all with a human touch. We’re thorough. We’re nimble. We’re here to serve.

We’ve got your back

When you build with Guild, you get more than just a lender, you get a partner that minds the details so you don’t have to:
  • Dedicated team specifically trained in new construction transactions
  • Proven track record of closing on time
  • Lender for life–we service the majority of the loans we close
  • In-house processing and underwriting
  • Support and coaching for buyers
  • We incorporate new technology with personal service for a better buying experience

Programs for every buyer

We offer a wide array of loan options individually tailored to your buyers’ needs.
In addition to conventional and government loans, our new construction loan programs offer you more financing options to sell more homes:
  • Builder Extended Rate Lock Program secures the buyers’ interest rate up to 180 days while the home is being built.
  • StrongStart is an exclusive program that allows a builder incentive to pay for the buyer’s interest up to the first three months while they are getting settled into their new home.
  • Conventional & FHA Solar Energy offers buyers the opportunity to bundle the cost of solar into one loan after their home is built to increase their monthly savings while going green.
  • Conventional Pool Program offers a buyer the ability to bundle the cost of adding a pool into one loan after their home has been built to dive right in.
  • Temporary Rate Buydowns offer a lower interest rate to start. Help ease your buyers into their new monthly mortgage payment for the first few years while they settle in.
Standard loan programs include: FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, VA, USDA, Jumbo and Down Payment Assistance Programs

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